September 5, 2009

Our garage needs a MAJOR overhaul. It was a wreck. Hubby got me a few early birthday presents in the form of shelves for my stockpile, so we set to work and set them up. While we were in there we just decided to go for it and really get to work on the whole garage. So here are some before pictures...and I'll post the after when we finally finish...which will hopefully be soon.

I realized I should have taken before pictures, before my stockpile shelves were up, but I didn't think we'd be doing the whole garage right then... soooo, you can kind of see those shelves here, but not really because we piled a bunch of stuff up against them.

A mess, huh? We're going to go through everything and get rid of what's really junk, sell what we just don't want, donate what doesn't sell, and put everything we do want to save in storage totes. Hubby got me several of those too... there has been some progress made since these pictures, but I don't want to take any more pictures until we're DONE. :o)
Oh, and like the fish?? LOL... the garage was done up like that when we moved in. At first I wanted to paint over it, but why? It's cute! If I can manage it space-wise I'd like an area in there with a table set up for messy crafts with the kids.

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