September 7, 2009

So I was vacuuming today, and I happened to look up at the wall, and this little face greeted me. Kind of creepy, but I'm 99.9% sure Ava did it, haha (there's still that .01% that's creepy because of the letters/numbers that randomly appeared on the wall several months ago...childlike writing, green crayon...but Ava can't write letters or numbers yet...never did solve that one). She says she did it (she says "Look, and I gave him a mop" pointing to some of the stuff under the face, haha)'s a little out of her reach, but I assume she used the step stool that's normally in the bathroom.

Not a bad face considering what her "moose" looked like not long ago. :o) I actually had to call Mike and ask him if HE drew on the wall before I really believed Ava did it.

The pictures are hard to see... it's yellow chalk on a beige wall, so...yeah.

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