October 13, 2009

Total for all of this? $64.75! Savings of $96.45 (sale price savings included).

This was just a run in for what was on sale really, and we wanted a pumpkin. And I can't ever seem to keep enough apples in the house.

Too much to recap, but quite a bit of this was free (the Kashi, Starbucks ice cream, coffee creamer, some of the Angel Soft, the Marcal single rolls, the Yakisoba, some of the frozen veggies), and quite a bit was only pennies after coupons. I didn't have coupons for everything either, unfortunately, haha.

I also got 20 gas points (.20 off per gallon), a $2 catalina, and a $4 milk catalina (any brand, and type of milk up to $4, free).

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