November 21, 2009

2 Glade Sense & Sprays - $6/each. Used a $3 mfr coupon and a $3 store coupon on each = Free. Got back a $4 ECB for buy $12 in Glade = Better than free! $4 "money maker"
1 Scope - $3.49. Used a $1 mfr coupon = $2.49. Got back a $2 ECB = .49
2 Scissors - $2.99 each. Got back $6 in ECB for buying them (used a rain check).
1 Duracell batteries - $2.99. Used a $1 coupon = $1.99. Got a $1 ECB for buying = .99
1 Covergirl foundation - $13. Used a $1 mfr coupon.
1 Covergirl blush - $10. Used a Buy 1 Foundation Get 1 Face Product Free coupon = Free. Got back a $10 ECB for buying both foundation and blush = $3 for both.
Not pictured - 2 packs of M&Ms. .67 each, used a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon.

I had planned to use a $5/20 store coupon as well, which would have made everything free, better than free actually, but when the cashier scanned it she said I had already used it. I was entirely confused as I most definitely had not used it, I don't print 2 copies of those types of coupons because I know you can't use them more than once at CVS. I felt bad because I knew I didn't use it but arguing was pointless because the cashier just thought I was lying and I could tell. So, whatever... my out of ECBs/pocket was $5 higher than I'd have liked, no big deal.

While I was there I saw they had Playskool diapers on clearance for $5/pack. Not a bad price and I was down to 3 diapers and had planned on picking some up at Target anyway. I bought one pack with the transaction above.

Total for that transaction was $14.85 (tax included). Wayyy higher than I would have liked. I was dissapointed. I even used $14 in ECBs to get my total that "low." Pssh, lol. I had a $10 giftcard I'd just recieved in the mail from MyPoints so I used that and paid $4.85 out of pocket. I did get back $23 in ECB though so I guess not so bad? Especially when you consider my original total before coupons and ECBs was around $60.

Left the store only to realize later I'd left the diapers at the register. So I sent hubby back for them and asked him to see if they still had any diapers left. They did and he picked up another pack, used $5 in ECB and paid nothing for them.

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  1. The same thing happened to me with the $5 off coupon :( She even had a date that said the coupon was redeemed, and I have never used that coupon before, not to mention I didnt even shop at cvs for 2 weeks (one of them being that date she said it was redeemed). I didnt want to argue so just went on with my purchase. totally sucks tho.