November 21, 2009

6 boxes of Scotties Tissues - on sale for $1, used four .50 coupons and two $1 coupons. The .50 doubled so all 6 boxes were free!

4 Marcal Small Steps - .95/each, used free item coupons, all four were free!

1 Dial Complete hand wash - $1.75. Used a .50 coupon that doubled, and paid just .75!

1 Windex - $3.29. Used a .55 mfr coupon that doubled, and a $1.50 store coupon. Paid .69!

6 (yes, there WERE 6, I know only 5 are pictured) loaves of Strohman bread - Buy 1 Get 1 Free at $3.59. Each loaf had a .55 coupon attached!! The coupons doubled, so each loaf only cost me .70!!

4 Tostitos - Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so $3.99/2. Not the greatest but we like these and use them a lot. I also had coupons for Buy 2 Get 1 dip/cheese/salsa free, so the Fritos cheese and the Tostitos cheese were both free! Saved roughly $6.50 on those!

Lance crackers were $2, and I used a $1 paid just $1.

The Friskies party mix was $1.25/each. Used a $2/2 coupon so they were only .25/each.

THIS is the poor bread bag that is missing in the previous picture. :o( I set a bag on the stove and I guess it hit the knob because next thing I knew smoke was filling the kitchen. I lost that bag of bread, a couple boxes of pasta, a container of caramel apple dip (I'd used a free coupon on too!! sad! lol) and one of the bags of tortilla chips above (it only burned a little of the bag, but made the chips taste awful so I tossed them).

And yes, I did buy more than what is pictured...I just showed the best deals :o) I picked up lots of fresh fruits and veggies, got some chicken and ground beef, kidney beans, milk, sour cream, cream cheese, did the Powerade deal for hubby (buy 10 for $10 and get a free 24 pack of Dasani water), yadda yadda... ;o)

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