December 29, 2009

Haha, yes, I *have* already started Christmas shopping for next year.  I think I barely broke $100 on BOTH my kids combined for 2009's Christmas shopping...and trust me it was fulllll under that tree (and all over the living room, haha)  and this is how I do it, I start early, I shop clearance, sales, use coupons, use Amazon gift cards I get for taking surveys, and sometimes select gifts as my rewards for doing surveys for companies who use points to rewards systems.

Anyway, those PJ Sparkle dolls were marked down to $2.98, and the Hello Kitty crayon pens were .50!  :o)

ETA:  Actually, now that I think about it, I started shopping for Christmas 2010 even months before Christmas 2009, remember those Kmart toy clearance posts?  I picked stuff up then that I knew the girls wouldn't be ready for yet, but give them another year and they'll be good.  :o)

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