January 23, 2010

I got the Nivea, the Bonne Bell, and the Glade candles at Walgreens.  I am backdating this and as a result I do not remember the prices.  I need someone to remind me every Monday to UPDATE this thing!! LOL

I know the Glade and the Nivea had RR's, and the Bonne Bell I think was on clearance for $1.59, and I used $1 coupons to get those for .59, they will go in the girls' Easter baskets.

The Aveeno was from Target, $2.99 each and I had $2 coupons, so .99 for oatmeal bath and .99 for anti-itch cream, which I am sure I will need once warmer weather hits.

The ELF kits were marked down to .75!

The shirt was on clearance for $3, I always try to pick up the kids clothes like that.  Just here and there, cute pieces inexpensively. 

Electrasol was on "clearance" for $3.64 at Target.  I used a $2.50 coupon on each box, making them $1.14 each.  They were on sale for $3.50 or something like that a few weeks ago so I wasn't impressed, but my coupons were about to expire and at the time that was the lowest price I could find.  How sad I was bummed about paying more than $1 for dishwasher detergent, haha.  Twelve boxes of dish detergent for $13.68 as opposed to $43.68, and I was bummed?  I'm crazy ;o)

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