February 21, 2010

After Target we browsed Kmart...I wanted to see if they had any good Valentine's clearance, but they didn't...I did find a few good things though :o) 

I was just walking by and saw these had "Try Me Free" stickers on them.  They were actually coupons stuck right to them, not rebates...so they were all 3 free!  Never know when they might come in handy I guess???  lol.  I hesitated posting this one, but hey, they were freeeeee with coupons which is the name of the game with the blog.  :o)

They had a lot of clearanced clothes and an additional 40% off of the marked price. 

2 Barbie shirts - $1.79/each!!  (wish they had one in MY size, haha)
2 sets of 2 tank tops - $3.58/set

I obviously like to dress my girls nicely, and I have very picky taste, but it's entirely possible to dress your kids nicely on a BUDGET!  I rarely spend more than $5/item of clothing, no matter where I shop...Gymboree, TCP, Kmart, Target, Sears...wherever!  Every once in awhile I splurge, but they stain things, grow out of them so quickly, etc...as long as they are clean and presentable, I don't feel the need to spend a ton of money on their clothes.  Heck, I don't often spend much on my own clothes :o)

It was awesome to find these because I had just put a pairs of pajamas in my shopping cart (online) at Victoria's Secret, and then changed my mind when my total was over $100.  I just couldn't do it, lol.  I really did need some new 'jammies though, so I scooped these up.  They are nice and big and comfy (and yeah, I need XL, no shame.  I'm tall, even before I had kids I needed XL just for the *length*).  I picked up 3 pairs for $5.99 each.  Now that I could handle paying without feeling like I couldn't breathe, haha ;o)

They were originally $18.99, too :o)  And super comfy.  I'm backdating this and I can add that I totally went back in for another pair later on in the week when I was in the area again. 

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