February 21, 2010

Just a little Target fun.  I didn't go in on a mission or anything, haha.  The girls were with grandma, so hubby and I went to browse.

There are 7 or 8 of these bears (I forget and I can't tell from the picture).  They were $1.99 on Valentine's clearance, and had $4 Target coupons stuck to them!!  The coupons were adjusted down to $1.99, but still, free bears!!  I added one to a belated Christmas gift, two are going to work with my husband for the small children of two of his coworkers...and the rest will be donated, I think I'll put nice green ribbons on the red bears for Christmas donations.  They're sitting on the highest shelf in my closet right now :o)

I know, I know, it's sickening how much I plan ahead sometimes...  Anyways, all of these were 75% off, and just .70 a box. They are all really nice Valentine's too, with pencils, stickers, tattoos, or holographic cards...and really, I'd pay .70 for just the "stuff" in them, the pencils, stickers, tattoos, etc... think outside the box, birthday party favors, etc!!  You don't have to use the Valentine's...I'm thinking of using the Hello Kitty "stuff" in birthday bags and just letting the girls play with the cards.  :o)  How much would you pay for 16-32 character items at Party City?  A lot more than just .70 I'm sure.  :o)  I did try to stick with timeless characters so by the time the girls are in school, we won't ever have to run out at the last minute for stuff like this and be stuck paying full price. 

5 packs of Keebler cookies, $1.52/pack.  Got back a $5 gift card for buying 5!  So sort of like .52 a pack! :o)

The Hello Kitty stickers in the box were .30-.60 I think, I forget.  I am backdating again, of course ;o)

3 packs of 2 socks from the V-Day clearance were $1/pack. 
3 pairs of socks from the Dollar Spots clearance were .50/pair.

2 Brush/Comb sets - .50 each
4 lunch bag sets - .25 each  (I thought they were so cute!  The girls love cars, and especially fire trucks...and I am not above packing a snack in one of those and sticking it in my husband's lunch box ;o)  haha)
2 States board books - .25 each

I had these in my cart and went to check out with them, but the cashier wouldn't accept my $2 coupons for the $1.66 candles.  She called over the team leader and she said "no can do."  I beg to differ! :o)  I went to call customer service but it was too late, I couldn't get through to anyone.  Then I remembered I had printed the coupon policy and highlighted where it said they most certainly can adjust coupons down and accept them.  I totally marched my happy butt back in there and got my candles for free, haha.  :o)

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