June 1, 2010

Dove's "My Mini Moment" Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dove Ice Cream. All opinions are 100% mine.

MmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmm, I love Dove chocolate.  I also happen to be a big fan of ice cream.  Dove + ice cream?  DELICIOUS.  I could go for some right now, actually... but I digress.  I know I have posted before about my love for entering contests and sweepstakes.  I have been lucky enough to win some really great prizes, like my current camera...which could not have been won at a better time because right before I won it?  My darling two year old decided that my old camera might like to go for a swim in our pool.  It did not approve.  I take a lot of pictures, being without a camera just wasn't working for me, so I was REALLY excited to win.  It takes like two seconds to enter to win prizes online, I might as well!  You never know when your lucky day will be.

Right now, you can enter Dove's "My Mini Moment" contest, by sharing your favorite "mini moment" of escape from the hectic day to day that is life.  You have the opportunity to win one of three amazing grand prizes.   You can choose from a mini-getaway to Napa Valley, spa services for a year (yes, please!), or a mini home makeover.  All you have to do is submit a photo and a short essay at DoveIceCream.com/myminimoment by June 7, 2010.  Worth a shot!

What do you do to escape for a moment?   Dove Ice Cream took a survey of over 400 mothers, and 70% make a point to take time for themselves each day.  Good for them!  I, personally, love to keep a big bar of chocolate in my kitchen, and every now and then I just break off a chunk and savor it.  I do have to be careful not to eat the whole bar in one day though (and with two preschoolers?  It has happened I have been tempted...haha).  I hadn't even heard that Dove made mini ice cream bars though, that sounds like a nice option...for the summer when it's hot, or really, any time because is there EVER a bad time for ice cream?  I don't think so.  AND, they are only 70 calories.  I am not really the calorie counting type (probably should be), but that doesn't sound so bad to me...provided you only eat just one...haha.  Yummy ice cream bites dipped in creamy Dove chocolate...  hm, wonder if my husband would like to run to the store... ;o)  I am not a fan of coffee flavored ice cream, but if you are, they have a new CafĂ© Collection that includes Java Chip and Cappuccino flavors.

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