June 1, 2010

Took a trip to Target, and spent WAYYYY too much... but, the kiddos needed some bigger Summer clothes (my two year old, can't even fit into my almost four year old's hand me downs...they are right about the same size! two year old might even be a bit bigger in the tummy), and I needed some new jeans.  I am officially in love with the Merona No Gap jeans.  For the past few years I've always bought my jeans at Kohl's...in the Juniors section...but after two kids...they're just way too low rise :o(  And I did check in there, but they're pretty much all skinny jeans now...and um, sorry, but NO.  I am way too curvy for that. 

On to the deals... 

I did the buy 5 Fiber One get a $5 gift card.  I am without printer ink right now so I just used 5 coupons from the paper, for .50/1, which made them $1 a box after you subtract the gift card. 

I found huge bottles of Listerine marked down to $1.98.  I think there were $2 printables out but I didn't have any, I used a $3/3 coupon to get them for .98 each. 

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