June 2, 2010

Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

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I don't know if I am just wierd (okay, I am sure I am just setting myself up with that one!), but sometimes when we're out and about and running errands we'll drive past a hotel and it makes me think about how fun and relaxing it might be to just run off on the spur of the moment (depending on my mood, sometimes with just hubby, and sometimes as a family), and check into a hotel somewhere.  Just for a night or two...  even if it's not even that far away.  Now, that's not something we would normally do...spur of the moment.  We're "planners," which I guess may be why I think it might be fun to go off spontaneously.  Did you know that Hampton is offering the chance to win a free weekend stay at any of their hotels?  Yep, just enter the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes.  How nice would that be...  knowing you could stay at any of their hotels free for the weekend upon winning, so maybe just taking a little road trip with your friends, or your family and seeing where you might end up?  Sounds kinda nice.  Even though I am the type who would probably need to plan it all out and know exactly where I was going...it's nice to dream though, haha.


My mom and I were just talking the other day about taking a trip to a storybook forest type park that was just far enough away that we would probably need to get a hotel and we'd have to make it a weekend thing.  Winning this would be perfect for that too.  Oh, the possibilities!  Where do you think you would go if you won?  What kind of a trip would you take?  Would just jump in the car and see where the road takes you and stop at the first Hampton Hotel you see, or would you plan it out ahead of time?

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