August 2, 2010

After I went home to put away all the waffles from Giant I saw we needed milk, and I figured we still had more room in the freezer to cram a few more waffles in, haha.

In the Fuel for School coupon booklets that you can find at some stores right now, there is a coupon for $2 off a gallon of milk when you buy two multipacks of crackers, so I purchased two packs of crackers, eight boxes of waffles, and a gallon of milk.  The only coupon I used was the one I already mentioned (well, and the $10 catalina).

Paid $1.49 for all, and got a $10 catalina back again (which I then gave back to my mom, hehe) :o)

Why pay $3.49 for *just* a gallon of milk, when you can get all of this for less?  :o)

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