August 2, 2010

I paid twenty nine cents for all of this!! :o)

4 family size Pop Tarts
1 Corn Pops
1 Fruit Loops
1 Apple Jacks
3 Frosted Flakes (which will equate to $5 in movie concession cash!)
20 Eggo waffles
30 packs Keebler crackers
3 boxes of Giant brand storage bags
2 frozen veggies
1 peanut butter M&Ms (filler so I didn't go negative and the only reason this cost me .29, haha)

Giant had an awesome deal this week where if you bought 5 of certain items you got $5 off your total, and when you bought 10, you got $10 off your total as well as a $10 catalina coupon to use on your next order...  which could be 10 more of the qualifying items, lather, rinse, repeat.

My mom went and got started, gave me her catalina...I went and shopped, and gave the remaining $10 catalina back to her when I was done (I did 6 transactions at one store, and stopped at another later in the day, I'll post that in a minute...  GREAT shopping day, between Giant and CVS, which will also be posted in a bit).

You can click my receipts to enlarge! :o)  They are not in order, but you can see the $0 totals and the .29 total :o)


  1. I am truly amazed. My jaw about HIT the floor, lol. .29?!? for all that?!?! WOW!

  2. All thanks to my mom!! I would have had to pay at least $5 with the right coupons to get started, which still would have been totally worth it, but after she started rolling her catalina she said she might as well let me use it too since I'd be able to give it back at the end, lol.

  3. that is so awesome!!! I wish my mom would coupon shop, lol. Well, I guess she would need to live closer too ;)

  4. I'm amazed! Wow! Out of curiosity, about how much time do you spend "couponing" every week? With full time school, part time work, and part time internship, I don't really feel like I have the time to do this, but I want to so badly!
    Do you print out most of your coupons from the internet or are most of them the regular coupons from the newspaper?

  5. A mix of printed and coupons from the paper. I actually have been without a working printer for months (well, it worked, but I refused to put new ink in it because it's ink cartridges were full but it just wasn't recognizing we only just recently got a new laser printer so I'm back in printing business).

    I subscribe to the Sunday paper, for $1/week. I only get one, but my mom will give me coupons she is not using if I ask her, she buys 2 papers a week. When you're shopping, keep an eye out for coupons in the stores too and take a couple :o)

    I really don't spend that much time on my coupons. When I first started I did, but that was my choice. There are SO many blogs out there that explain everything and match everything up for you that you could start getting the paper, and find the coupon matchups for the store you want to shop at. Then all you have to do is just write it down or print it out, pull out your coupons and go. The most time consuming part for me (aside from the shopping, but that only takes long because I am a browser and I have small distractions---err I mean children, hehe) is clipping my coupons and sorting them because I use the binder/baseball card method for storing them...if I did it every week like I should it wouldn't take long at all but I tend to let myself get behind.

    Do you have a CVS? I soooo recommend starting out there. It's my favorite place to shop, they are so great about coupons.