September 20, 2010

PlayStation Move

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When I was growing up, gaming was huge in our family.  Board games, video games, we were always playing something -- together, or on our own.  I have lots of fond memories of playing games with my family, late nights playing a favorite video game with my mom while everyone else was sleeping...playing a game with my brother/s and pummeling them into the ground (Competitive?  Me?  Never!  hehe!).  So fun!  My family still always seems to be playing something, the systems are just a lot more high tech now!  I really hope that my own little family can enjoy a love of games and playing together as a family too.  Right now my children are a little young for most video or computer games, but we do enjoy a few board games together, and I do think that we could start to introduce a few video games soon, to only be enjoyed as a family event. 

I know I have posted here before about how I am a liiiiiiittle bit behind the times.  We still have a PlayStation 2!  PlayStation has definitely moved on since that, haha.  I just heard today about the new PlayStation(R)MOVE.  How awesome is this??  It reminds of the Wii, which we do happen to have (thanks mom and dad!) and is SO MUCH FUN.  I *really* enjoy the different game selections that PlayStation offers so this should be great (Toy Story 3!  Lord of the Rings!  Dance Dance Revolution!  Yes, please!).  I love games that make you get up and move. It also has a BluRay player and you can stream tv shows from Hulu right to your television.  Um, awesome!   We often use our PlayStation 2 to play dvds. 

Also, I am reading that if you already have a PlayStation 3, you can upgrade it to PlayStation Move for just $99 with the Move Bundle Package!  Way better than having to buy a brand new system, nice move on that one PlayStation! 

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