October 29, 2010

Rite Aid.

2 large bags of candy (I think they are like 4lb bags!  They were on sale for $9.99),
3 normal size bags of candy ($2.50/each),
1 nail polish, (.99.... and I totally messed up, I thought it was $1.99.  If it had been I would have gotten back one more $1 UP)
1 mascara,  ($1.99)
5 Disney figures (.99 each)
1 Contour USB meter (on sale for $29.99)

Total spent -  $5.32 out of pocket after my coupons and my UP rewards.  Earned a $1 UP reward and a $10 UP reward.

I wasn't really thrilled about spending $5...buuuuut, I needed Halloween candy anyway, and for all of that?  $5 is pretty cheap.  If you think about it I could have just not bought the little Disney figures and then all my candy would have been just .37, haha. 

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