November 20, 2010

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

I have always loved receiving holiday cards, and my absolute favorite are the more personal photo cards.  Years ago I thought it was so expensive to send those cards and so I never even attempted to have them made, but for the past couple years I have found such great deals on the photo cards that I haven't been able to resist ordering them.  As a bonus, I actually *remember* to mail my holiday cards out when I am sharing sweet photos of my children with family and friends. 

Shutterfly is a great website you can use to order copies of your precious memories from, and I have used them with great results in the past.  You can check out their lovely selection of Christmas cards here: I just love the Royal Elegance card.  I really like the Family Wall cards as well.  So simple, elegant, and beautiful.  They also have Holiday cards:, and Hanukkah cards: They even have options for other holidays and many to choose from, you just have to check them out

Did you know, that Bloggers can actually receive 50 holiday cards for FREE?  Talk about a great deal!  I just got my girls their Christmas dresses yesterday and I am so excited to play around with the camera and try to get some good pictures to use for this years cards.  I love looking at the cards from years past and seeing just how much the girls have grown.  We may even try some family photos this year!

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