November 17, 2010

I love when Kohl's randomly mails me $10 in Kohl's Cash.

When I first saw the Hideaway Hollow collection I thought it was ADORABLE.  I knew my girls would love it, so when I got some Kohl's Cash that's what I got.

They have actually sent me enough Kohl's cash recently for me to buy the ENTIRE set (minus one of the small mouse sets because there are 3 total and I need to keep the numbers even, haha!

That, coupled with their sales, has made it much less expensive than it was originally.

I do need to give credit to my mom though because she gave me a some of her $10 Kohl's Cash as well and even purchased two of the items for me using a $10 that had been sent to her.

I'm sooooo excited that Santa will be able to leave these under the tree (and at a fraction of the cost)!  :o)

 $7.94, as opposed to $24.99! 
 This total would have been $7.20 less, but when I saw those shirts I thought the girls would love them...had to get them.  :o)  Still, $3.05 for the furniture sets after the $10 Kohl's Cash, great deal considering they're normally $14.99 each. 

 Not sure why some of my pictures get flipped.... :o/  Not sure how to fix that either since they flip after they're uploaded.

Out of curiosity I just added up what I would have spent purchasing all of the Hideaway Hollow items at their full prices (going by the price stickers on the ones I purchased)...  $203.09!! (!!!) Wow.  What I have actually spent?  $39.58. That doesn't include the two my mom purchased, but I think that was around $14 (if I remember correctly) for both, so that still only makes the total around $53-54 total....for 10 playsets.  AMAZING what using store coupons and shopping sales can do.

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