November 28, 2010

My Black Friday shopping...  I'm so very exciting, I hit up the drugstores with my mom.  :o) 

First up was Rite Aid:

 I did three transactions.  They were all out of the Cottonelle for $1.88 (with $1 UP reward!) so they were substituting Charmin or Scott and just charging .88 for it. 

2 Charmin 4-packs  (.88 each)
1 Motrin PM  ($4)
2 Colgate Total (1.77 each)
2 Hershey's Pot of Gold candy boxes ($3.99 each)
10 Hershey's/Mars candy bars (.50 each)
1 Philips remote control ($4.99)
1 Noxema Razors ($3.99)
1 Got2Be Hairspray ($4.99)
2 Disney figures (.89, and .99)
2 Hair dryers ($9.99 each)
3 boxes of cereal ($1.99 each)
2 Vaseline lotions ($2.99 each)
2 Old Spice deodorants ($2.50 each)

I spent a grand total of $4.08 after coupons, including tax, out of my own pocket (for just over $75 in products!).  I will get back $14.98 in rebates, so already a profit of $10.41...but I also still have UP rewards left ($16!) to spend next time I shop. 

Then we headed to CVS:

They were out of stock on almost all of the Black Friday freebies, but that's okay because CVS is amazing with rainchecks.

1 Eucerin lotion ($6.99)
2 Excedrin (.99)
1 Philips headphones ($6.99)
5 Hershey's candy (.50 each)
1 Munch bar (.22 clearance...filler)
1 Carmex (.99)
2 Old Spice deodorants ($4 each)

Everything was free after ECB except for the Munch bar, lol.  I used mostly ECBs to pay, but I did end up paying a grand total of $1.22 out of pocket.  I donated $1 to St. Judes.  If not for that it would have been .22, but hey, I save more than enough to donate $1 at the register.  :o) 

I did a couple transactions, mostly because they found stuff they were in stock on while I was asking for rainchecks... but I still have $14.94 in ECBs to use next time I shop. 

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