November 9, 2010

Rite Aid: Total spent out of pocket - $0.  I did put $7.78 on a gift card (post below this one), but after returning the candle (it rang up full price when the sign said 50% off, I got back $ only $1.13 was spent on my gift card).

2 White Cheddar Cheez-It's - $1.99/box. 
1 Mickey Mouse figure - .99
1 Secret - $1.29
1 Olay bar soap - $3.49
2 Glade refills - $2.50/each
2 Renuzit Adjustables - .88/each
1 Crest Pro Health - $3.49
1 Crest w/ Scope - $2.99
3 M&Ms 8pks - .49/each
2 Halloween Glowsticks (they're really flashlights, no glow stick stuff in them) - $1.24/each
Also donated $1 to Diabetes Awareness...without that my total would have really been .13!  :o)

(The jar candle was $5.99, it's in the picture but since I returned it, I'm not putting really it in the breakdown)

I used a $5/25.
$5 coupon on the Olay/Secret.  Got .22 overage.
I used a .75 coupon on the (toothpaste?)
$1 coupon on the Crest Pro Health
$1 Rite Aid coupon for Crest
Used a $2/2 coupon on the Glade
Used a $10 UP reward
Used two $1 coupons on the Renuzit (adjusted down to .88 each)

Got back $8.49 in UP Rewards:
$2 for the Cheez-Its
$2.99 for the Crest w/ Scope
 $2.50 for the Crest Pro Health
$1 for the Glade

So, I lost  $1.51 in UPs on this transaction...but that is okay by me.  Cheez-Its for .99 a box is a great price!  I love Cheez-Its... Random, when I was in labor with my oldest I grabbed a box to munch in the car on the way to the hospital (it was late, I knew I would get hungry and wouldn't be allowed to eat) and dropped the box (they all spilled!) during a contraction.  I was SO upset I dropped my Cheez-Its, haha.

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