December 18, 2010

 Rite Aid:  .99...and that's all I remember w/o looking at my reciept.

Actually, I do remember now that I think about it, the beef jerkey was $1.99...and I got $1 UP for each one, but I can't remember if they were $2.99 and the $1 UP made them $1.99, or if they WERE $1.99 and the $1 UP made them .99 after UP.  Eh.

The Hormel Compleats/Simply Asia were $1.99 with a $1 UP, and I used a $1 coupon on each making them free. 

I *do* remember I only paid .99 after my coupons/UP rewards. 

 Walgreens:  $1.xx (.66 I think...hubby threw in the Hershey's bar...he likes to sabotage my totals...hehe)

I got back $7.

Rite Aid:  All I remember is I spent less than $1 and I got back $3 more in UPs than I used.  Terrible, I know, LOL.  The Hormel was the same deal as above.  The Colgate was $3.50 with a $3.50 UP on each.  I used one $1 coupon on those.  Tape was b1g1, with a $1 UP on each.  The foam kits were $2.99 each and I used one $5/2 coupon.  The Revlon nail stuff was 40% off and I thiiiink I got UPs for it...fairly sure there is also a rebate and I also used a $3 coupon that basically made them free.  I also used a $5/$25...

NOT the best post in the world here in regards to detail...just trying to clear off my camera.  If/when I find the reciepts (I need to, especially since I need to enter them online for the Rite Aid rebates) I'll update this the right way.  ;o)

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