December 6, 2010

Total spent for all of the above?  Just seventy-five cents!  I originally paid $5.75, but thought that sounded "off" so after checking over my reciept I realized the $5/$10 coupon I had for the nail polish did not scan so I went back in and they gave me $5 in cash back.  On top of that, I will get back a $5 rebate check for purchasing the John Frieda..which was only $1.34/bottle and I used $3 in coupons on as well.  Total money maker.  I also got back $8 in UP rewards for purchasing the Sharpies, and another $8 for purchasing the nail polish.  I used $16 in UP rewards to pay with along with my coupons so I broke even on those.

Does it bug anyone else that it says "22 Items" when I only purchased 13?  It counts all my coupons as items.  Drives me crazy when I'm posting reciept pictures, haha.

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