September 18, 2011

Christmas is already sneaking up on me...

So, who has started their Christmas shopping yet? 

I am SO far behind this year!  Not only have I not been using my coupons to their full extent, I've totally been slacking off on tucking things away for Christmas.  I have put a few things in my closet for the husband and the girls, and I just ordered a couple of things the other day when the Disney Store was having a sale (free shipping too, yeah!), but usually my closet is overflowing by now with Christmas gifts, and this year it's sooooo not. 

I haven't really been out much to find and scoop up clearance deals, and on top of that, I just don't know what to get everyone this year.  The girls have a super long list (and they want everything they see in commercials, of course), but our house is already overflowing with toys.  I just don't know where I could put much more of them.  I need to do a major toybox and playroom clean out and declutter before the holiday season, for sure.  The husband only wants super expensive things (I bet he'd be thrilled with a PS3).  Then of course there are our parents, and I never know what to get them...I usually end up baking for them and putting together a gift basket.  Any ideas?

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