September 9, 2011

Online Shopping

Have you ever heard of  I just found this website today and it looks promising.  Anyone have any thoughts?  It's like a search engine, just for shopping. 

Become was founded in 2004, to help individuals make better buying decisions.  They knew it could be difficult to research and compare new products and services, and wanted to provide a website that could streamline shopping searches to give users the information they needed.  Plus, they want to help you find the best deal too.  They hope to help users save both time and money.

They have Editors Picks, a Tip Center, Top 10 Lists, a feature highlighting top products, a shopping blog packed with helpful information, and more.  There is even a Local Shopping feature that lets you find the products you're looking for, and great deals on them locally. 

So no matter if you're looking for a great deal on golf furniture, country counter stools, or a beach cabana tent, wants to help you find the best item at the best price for you. 

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