September 9, 2011

Shopping? What's That?

I haven't really been shopping or used coupons in awhile.  So sad!  I mean, I obviously go to the grocery store...but I've been a bad coupon lady the past couple of months and just gone in for a few things here and there as we need them, and I scored some awesome deals at Kohl's shopping for school clothes for my Kindergartner.  I haven't done any drugstore deals or any big stock up on sale/coupon item trips though. 

Thanks to my couponing though I haven't needed to buy dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent or dryer sheets for the entire time I've been slacking on my coupons.  :o)

It's about time to start back up again though...  my poor coupon binder has sat in my closet neglected for months and my stockpile is looking a bit sad. 

I need to clean out my binder, reorganize my stockpile shelves, and start fresh. 

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