December 19, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

There are SOOO many different reasons to wear nursing scrubs. For work, or for play. I'm thinking like, Halloween costumes here or dress up for kids (you can find some really cute scrubs for kids!), when I say play...but really, they wash well, and they are incredibly comfortable...why couldn't you just wear them whenever you wanted? They make great pajamas too!  Well, as long as you don't wear the ones you wear to work, that could be gross.  I practically lived in scrubs for awhile when I was working in an assisted living facility. I used to love checking out catalogs of medical nursing scrubs. It's true, scrubs can be fashionable! Thank goodness, because my first pair was shapeless and not at all flattering...but at least it was comfortable, right?

I was just browsing around looking at scrubs this morning and I found If you need some new scrubs, you should check them out. They have reasonable prices, and lots of cute colors.

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