January 1, 2012

The holidays are always better with cookies

Guest post written by Annabelle Forester

One thing that I've always loved about the holidays, besides all the time with loved ones, is the excuse that you have to make all of these amazing cookies. It's just really fun that way and I really love to bake so I always have an endless supply of cookies in our household.

My kids are always asking me to make a new kind of Christmas cookie, mainly because they know that I actually will make a new kind of cookie! I'm on the lookout online for new recipes for holiday cookies because I love to make new recipes of them too. While I was online looking for some new recipes a few weeks ago, I ran across some info on hearing aids. After I looked through it a little bit I decided to go and get a hearing test and get fitted with some hearing aids.

I found an amazing recipe for a peanut butter holiday cookie that I couldn't wait to try out! It has two of my favorite things, peanut butter and chocolate. You really can't beat that combination.

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