May 25, 2009

I have no pictures :o( lol. Went CVS'ing today...

1 - Revlon Nail polish - 3.99. Used $1 Coupon. Got back $3 ECB.
2 - Bandaid (Go Diego Go and Hello Kitty, lol). $2.29 each...used 1 $1 coupon. Got back $2 ECBs x2.
1 - Playtex Gentle Glide - 3.99. Used $1 coupon. Got back $3 ECB.
2 - Speed Stick Pro deodorant - 3.99 each. Got back $3.99 ECB x 2.

Also got a Diet Pepsi... I went to FOUR different CVSs to try to find the Clearasil facewash that was on sale and the 1oz Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblock for their ECBs...but was out of luck on both :o( The kids were sleeping in the car and we had nothing better to do, lol. I did get a raincheck for the Clearasil (2 actually, lol). So at least I can still go back for that later. I'll do another CVS trip later this week too for the regular sale stuff...most of what I got today was only on sale Sun and Mon...

I used ended up doing 3 transactions because I only had enough ECBs to do the nail polish, 1 bandaid, 1 speed stick, and the Playtex the first time...I paid $1.26 out of pocket and got back $11.99 in ECBs. At the second CVS I wasn't going to buy anything since they didn't have the Clearasil but saw they had Hello Kitty bandaids and we just ran out...those are Ava's favorite, so I got those and a Diet Pepsi. Didn't have all my ECBs with me, but I ended up paying like .76 out of pocket after the one I did have and getting $2 ECB. Third CVS I found the Speed Stick again and got that, ended up paying 0 out of pocket after using an ECB (LOVE those 0.00 total receipts! LOL) and got back a $3.99 ECB... and the fourth CVS didn't have what I needed to I left empty handed.

Not bad though... spent around $2 for a nail polish, two boxes of bandaids, a box of tampons, two deodorants, and a Diet Pepsi... and "made" 17.98 in ECBs...though of course I spent some of those...I think I spent $6 or 7...but I still have plenty to play with that I earned today, and $2 from last week still. Fun fun :o)


CVS Last week:

Spent 2.98 out of pocket for 4 Right Guard Deodorants, Colgate enamel protect toothpaste, 2 packs of Shick razors (travel sized, 2 razors in each), and a Lysol Neutra Air. The Right Guard was 2/$5, I had 4 .75 coupons...Lysol was 5.99, had a $4 coupon, the razors were .99 each, I had a $2 coupon that made both free (cashier only took off $1.98), and the Colgate was...oh I forget...3.99, and I had a $1 coupon...also used some ECBs that I had ($9). Got back:

$4 for buying 4 Right Guards...and $2 for the Colgate. Not too great, but at least it was something and I didn't pay much out of pocket...but then I also got the $10 ECB for doing a survey a few weeks ago :o) That was niiiice.

Target last week:

5 boxes of Triscuits at .54 a box after coupons ($2.70)
5 boxes of Wheat Thins at .54 a box ($2.70)
2 boxes of Quaker Chewy granola bars .81 each ($1.62)
5 boxes Quaker True Delights at .59/box ($2.95)
3 (1 pictured...girls ate the other 2) bags of Quaker granola bites - free after coupons...
7 Hersheys Bliss bars - free
2 Coppertone Sport travel size - free
Claritin ...I forgettttt, lol...I had a $5 coupon though!! lol..and Mike needed it.
2 Dove Go fresh packs (deodorant and body mist in each)... .29 each (.58)
9 Travel packs of Crystal Light - free
6 Kraft dressings, .49/each (2.94)
Also bought a box of diapers and a gallon of Swiss tea that was $2, and I had a $1 coupon, and I will send in their try me free rebate form to get $2 back, lol.... so my total spent was more than I would have liked but witht he Claritin and the diapers it wasn't bad.

Walmart -

All the nail polishes were free... lint rollers, free (and I still have more coupons for those things!! Oy....), lotion was free... the Glade was $1. Also not pictured was 4 boxes of Bagelfuls for .88/box and 4 bags of sunflower seeds I got And tiki torch wicks and poppers (those things you throw and they pop?? lol)...but those weren't deals, lol.


I messed up here, lol... but it's ok I guess.

Excedrin .79 for both boxes ( was $4.79 and they had a b1g1 coupon in their I could use 2 $2 coupons)
Carefree pads (2) were free plus overage (I don't even use those, lol..but I can't pass up free!! I'll donate them)
Right Guard Professional Strength - 4.99 (Gave me a $5 Register Reward)...and I had a $1 coupon, so it was 3.99
Reynolds Wrap was where I messed up, my coupon was expired :o( It would have been free if it wasn't...I thought about taking it back, LOL.
And then I picked up the forks and spoons since they were 2/$1 after the in ad coupon and we could use them for the bbq we had this past weekend.

Used a $4.50 RR and paid $ a $5 RR back.


I also got crafty the other night and made the girls some pillow cases. Not bad considering I don't have a sewing machine and just used stich witchery, lol!! I screwed up on the small ones...but I didn't actually take measurements, I just wrapped the fabric around the pillow and tried to cut it Apparently not a good idea ;o) I knew it wasn't but I was just playing around, the only one I cared about was the big one for Charlotte's room.

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