May 13, 2009


So after all the Kraft coupons came out my mom got her stuff together and decided we were going to Target, lol. I was mowing the back yard, but okay, I much prefer shopping, lol.

So this is what I ended up with...

And my receipt!! I was so excited, haha... The cashier was watching the total go down, down, down, and finally when it was at $2 she was like "Is it even legal to save that much?? It's like we're giving it to you! We may even have to pay you!" LOL. I was like "you're not giving the stuff to me, the store is reimbursed for the coupons so it's not illegal," and just laughed, lol.

Total paid: .93!! Saved with coupons? $80!!

And this was my Walmart trip a few days ago... all 6 of the bbq sauces were free, the toothpaste was free (travel size), the lint rollers were free, and the nail polish was free, lol. The paper was "free" because of the overage on the coupons, and the glass table topper was all I paid for!! :o)

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