June 15, 2009

backdated trips, here we goooooooooooooooo...

Walgreens 6/5:

I messed up HORRIBLY. I let a $5 register reward EXPIRE. I almost said just put everything back, LOL. Actually, I did say that, but then I said oh what the heck. I was paying with a gift card I'd won from Coke anyway.
Anyway, I got 2 boxes of Kleenex, each were .55 on clearance. The Dawn was free after a $1 coupon and the store coupon that made it .99. The Ecotrin was $2 and I had a $2 coupon, so that was free. The Kerasal was $7.99, and I had a $1 coupon... total was like $8.50, and I got back $9 in RR (5, 2, and 2)... One box of Ecotrin, Hubby bought :o) He just got in line behind me, and that was all he bought, lol...he got the $0.00 total and got the $2 RR. Sweet :o) I was so mad at myself about that $5, since then my total would have been like 3.50 instead...but oh well.

CVS 6/5:

Paid .48 after using coupons and some ECBs and I got back 2 $4 ECBs (more than what I used). Not shabby.

Kmart DOUBLES 6/8:

3 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I wanted to "Win CASH!" lol...but I did not.)
They were $2/box, I used a $1/3 coupon...so 3 boxes for $4.
Hershey 100 Cal bars... .99 after a $1 doubled coupon.

3 packs of Pull Ups. 9.99 each, minus 3 $2 coupons doubled to $4... 5.99/pack.
(I bought 2 packs of the WRONG size too, ugh..Ava's too big for 2-3T and they barely even fit Charlotte)
Clean and Clear - .49
Act - .49
St Ives - .69
MAC eyeshadow - free
3 NYC glosses - free

Pert Plus - .49 (and I will get back $3.49 from their Try Me Free rebate!)
3 Axe shampoos, .99 each (and buying 3 got my a free movie ticket!)
Lysol Neutra Air...I want to say it was .29
3 Sani Hands wipes - .49/each
Electrasol - $1.79 after coupon
Huggies wipes - free

Earned a $3 off your next order coupon,
and the Free Movie Ticket from Axe.

Spent like $30, but that was the Pull Ups doing...blech! LOL...saved almost $70 in coupons

Weis - 6/12:

Hit the diaper sale jackpot!

Luvs - 3.99/pack!! (6)
Pull Ups - 5.49/pack
Easy Ups - 5.49

I had no coupons for the Luvs, but 3.99 is a goooood deal so got them...
I had a $5 coupon for Pull ups, a $4, and two $3...so one pack for .49, another for $1.49, and two for $2.49.
I had a $1 coupon for the Easy Ups, so they were $4.49...

Total for all of them, $35.39... average it out and that makes them $3.22/pack!

Kohls - 6/12:

I had $10 Kohl's cash that was expiring (special promotion at the store near us b/c they were remodeling)

4 shirts (yes, we like pink!), all for $3.60 after the Kohl's cash.

CVS 6/12:

1 Gilette Fusion razor... $7.99, minus $4 coupon, and $3.99 ECB... total owed, nothiiiiing! $0.00, lol. Earned $4 ECB. Also printed out a $5 off $15 coupon on my reciept...so since I needed my Revlon makeup I went back in, lol.

4 cans of Campbells soup, I had a raincheck so they were 2 for $1... also had two $1 off 2 coupons, so they were all free, lol.
2 Revlon foundations, 13.29, b1g1. I also had a $2 CVS coupon for it... I was mad I didn't have any mfg coupons, lol...but oh well.

So since the total before coupons was over $15, I could use the $5/15, then the $2 CVS Revlon coupon, then the 2 $1 soup coupons, and I used 2 ECBS...a $4 and a $2... total I paid for everything was .29! Scoooore on the makeup, lol. Too bad they weren't producing ECBs, haha..but I can't really complain.

Walgreens 6/12:

2 Reach toothbrushes, on sale for .99, used a $1.50 off 2 Reach products coupon, made them .28 each.

Purex detergent/softener sheets... $4.99, after a $1 coupon.

M&Ms as a filler so I could use my $5 RR...not sure what I had to get them, but it wasn't accepting my RR at checkout so I just grabbed them and said try it after ringing those up and it worked... so... after using that $5 I paid $1.33, and got back $2.

I will also get back $5.99 from Purex because they have a rebate offer for those sheets!! :o)

Kmart doubles AGAIN, lol 6/12:

Clean & Clear - .49
St. Ives - .69
Dove (4) - free
Act (2) - .49/each
Listerine (2) - free
Axe Shampoo - .99
Axe body wash - 1.49
Axe body wash - 2.49
(2 differnt coupons for the body wash)
(AND I wouldn't have bought them, but I wanted the movie ticket for buying 3 Axe products,
only to discover after checking out that promotion was over on the 9th..grrr, lol)
Sani Hands Wipes (2) - .49/each
Oust surface spray - free
Out air spray (2) - free
Glade carpet powder - .19
Huggies wipes (2) - free
Reach floss (2) - free
2 pairs of shorts - 3.50each
2 shirts - 3.50 each
(shirts not pictured, lol..we went out for dinner after Kmart,
and the kids had been at my mom's getting messy while I shopped, so it's lucky I bought shirts, lol)

I used a $5/50 coupon, and I had the $3 store coupon from the last trip, but they wouldn't let me use them both...and this order printed me a $7 coupon!! Sooooo, I went back in, lol

2 tank tops for the girls, $1.79 each. Paid .58 after the $3 store coupon.

Did a second transaction...

Mr Bubble - .79
Dove (4) - free
Clean & Clear - .49
MAC Eyeshadow - free
2 pairs of shorts - 3.50 each (the floral/hibiscus)
1 pair of sleep/lounge shorts - 1.79...

Total after the $7 store coupon, $1.78.

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