May 10, 2009

It was a water bottle (it's actually really nice), a necklace that had ear plugs in it, a keychain tire thing that opens up and had a poncho in it, the hat, and a t-shirt...they were all in that clear backpack. The shirt was all folded up in the shape of a car so that's why it's all wrinkly. Ava was so excited it had to all be opened up and inspected time for pictures! lol

KMART!!! Oh how I enjoy their doubles! Can't wait for them to do it again, lol.

So, the total "value" of all this (and I say "value" because I'm going by what Kmart charges, and while they do have sales and such I think most of their prices are higher than say, Walmart)...anyway, total "value" was $147.73!!

I did a few different transactions because you can only use 25 coupons per transaction, and only 4 of the exact same coupon, so I did a big one, and then a few more to get the rest of the Dove and to make sure the makeup rang up right... then Mike and I ran back in later for some drinks so I used my last Clean and Clear coupon to snag another face wash... so I added up the total of all of them (minus the cost of the soda, LOL, that sooo didn't count for this!) and it was $7.96. The TAX was $4.45. That's more than half of what I paid!!

Glade carpet freshener - $2.19. Had a $1 coupon doubled making it cost .19!
Oust Surface & Air - $3.79. $2 coupons, doubled to make them both FREE (2)
Wet Ones wipes - $2.29, $1 coupon made them .29/each (2)
2000 Flushes - $2.99, had a $1 coupon, made it .99 (Mike is obsessed with having those, lol)
Glade Candle - $3.49. I had a $1.50 coupon, so it was .49,
Glade candle refills - $3.69, had a coupon for buy a candle, get refills FREE
Ponds Towlettes - $2.75. Had a $1.50 coupon, made them free.
Halls cough drops - $1.49. $.75 coupon, made them free.
Clean & Clear face wash - $4.49/each, I had $2 coupons for each making them .49/each. (5)
NYC Lip Sliders - $2.99. I had $3 coupons for those, so they didn't double, but they made them free. (2)
NYC Lipgloss Rollers - $1.99. Had $1 coupons, made them free (I'm TOTALLY collecting these now, going to up them in party bags for any girls that come to Ava's birthday party). (2)
Dry Idea deodorants - $3.49. Used $2 coupons, free! (4)
Secret deodorant - $2.34... I think my coupon was for $1, making it .34
Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant - $3.99, $2 coupons made them free (12)
Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner $3 each, so $6. I had a $2 off 2 coupon, so it was $2, I was going to pass on that until I saw the bonus packs!! Two stuck together as buy one get one free, so it was 4 shampoos/conditioners for $2. Not bad... 50 cents each. (2 or 4 depending how you look at it, lol)
ACT mouthwash - $2.99... used a $1 coupon, so it was .99
Pounce Cat Treats - $1.29/each...used a $1.50 off 2 coupon, so it made them both free. (2)
Quaker Rice Cake snacks - $1.99..used a $1 coupon, made them free.

I also used a $5 off $50 Kmart coupon on the larger transaction... I full intended to only buy what was FREE but I couldn't pass up a few of the deals even with them not being free, lol. I totally wanted to see that tax and total were the same, lol... I'm such a nerd. I did pull that off with the transactions were I only purchased the Dove. Unfortunately you have to pay tax on the pre-coupon total.

Now, the drug stores :o) I went to Walgreens again but the 2 around here were both out of the Pert Plus for Men so I skipped out on my "2nd Transaction Scenario," but I did go to CVS and I tried Rite Aid but they didn't have enough of the products I wanted in stock to get 13 of them (to get the most bang for my "buck") I got rain checks and will go back later :o)

I did pick up two of these travel kits though at Rite Aid because they're normally $3.99, and were on sale for $1.99, and I had a $1 coupon that could be combined with a $1 Rite Aid coupon making them free. Fine print on the coupon said you could only use it once (the RA coupon) so I couldn't use it on both which sucked, but I didn't know what else to get that would be worth it to get me to actually have a total to pay, lol, so I just went ahead and got 2 since 2 for $.98 wasn't bad ($1.16 with tax..)... and I used the gift card they sent me for waging war with a coupon-mama who KNOWS HER STUFF, I wasn't actually spending anything anyway..and I still have plenty left on the gift card to buy 13 more with my rainchecks, lol.

The deal with that is buy $25 in J&J products, get a $10 rebate check. So you buy 13 of the things that were on sale for $1.99 to get your total up to $25, use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon available, use 13 $1 coupons (found everywhere, lol, some printables, some from the paper), and 1 of the coupons from the paper (but I can't use that one so my total will be higher than planned by $1...big deal) and pay $6.xx (in my case I'll pay $7.xx) and get a $10 check after submitting the rebate :o) Cha-ching! Love getting paid to shop! Doubly much because I'll be paying with my gift card, I'll be out of pocket NOTHING and still get paid.

CVS - I got lazy and just did 1 transaction...I was still upset I didn't have the coupon for the Adidas, LOL... I had originally planned to buy them each in seperate transactions to reduce my "out of pocket" cost... but since it was Saturday already and I felt funny asking the cashier to split my order up when my order was only two whatever, lol. I used a $2 ECB, and that total after that was $4.10, I still had $3.99 on that gift card I won, so I ended up paying .11 for it all after that...and I had to use my card, LOL!!! I had a dime, but no other change and no bills... I felt so lame swiping my card for .11!... I got back $5 in ECBs to use next week though! :o) Ooooh and I also did a survey for CVS last week, so I should be getting $10 in ECBs next time I go to will print out of my receipt on/after the 14th.

Then I got home and this was in the mail :o) I signed it, handed it to hubby, and said "Okay, there, I just paid for my shopping today, and I expect the change," hehehe.

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