June 15, 2009

I thought instead of emailing, a blog might be a better option to share some of the awesome deals I've gotten. That way you can come and see whenever you want to, and I'm not filling up your inbox. :o) I will try to link to the coupons I used if they're available on the 'net too and hopefully you can create some of your own great deals!

So here's my Walmart and Target scores for yesterday, and I may or may not do a post with previous deals... if I can figure out how to back-date and such, I probably will.


13 Glade candle tins. SEVENTEEN CENTS EACH. They are not sealed so you can open them in the store, and in some of them, there are $1.50 coupons. They are on sale at Target for $1.67 (not marked at mine, but they scan at that price), so I opened every single one they had on the shelf and bought all of them that had coupons in them (using the coupons, of course), haha. They didn't have many on the shelf, I only left probably six... hopefully they restock soon!! :o) ...but seriously, $2.21 for 13 of those candles!! They are normally priced at $2.99 each!! Aweeeesome deal.

I also had 2 buy any glade candle tin, get a free refill pack... so those two refill packs were FREE.

3 Johnson & Johnson travel first aid kits, FREE

2 Vaseline Aloe Fresh travel size - FREE ($1 coupon, IE or Firefox)

2 Dove face lotion travel size - FREE

3 Almay eye makeup remover packs - FREE

4 Nexcare bandages 8 packs (Princesses and Cars) - FREE ($1 coupon, here)

5 Crystal Light to-go packs - FREE (try http://www.coupons.com/)

Degree Arctic Sport - FREE (used a Target coupon, in addition to a $1 coupon from the paper)

Degree Girl Just Dance - FREE

Hangers... the kid/baby hangers were $1.02/each, and I think the regular were $1.72.

I only paid $5 for all of that. ^^ My reciept said I saved $91.xx!! :o)


2 Kraft bbq sauces - free (http://www.coupons.com/)
Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches - $2.25 after coupon... treat for the kiddos
2 Blue Bunny ice cream quarts - $2 each after coupons
3 Bagelfuls - .88 each (http://www.coupons.com/)
2 Bar S hot dogs - .38 each

White Cloud TP - $1
8 Johnsons Softlotions - free
3 lint rollers - free
4 Kotex - free
3 Nexcare bandages - one was $1, and the other two were .97 each. (coupon in Target deal above)

Also not pictures, M&Ms and a PB Twix, both free.

Spent $12.xx...some of the coupons had a little overage :o)

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