April 4, 2010

Bad blogger, Part II ;o)

3/21 - CVS

Not going to break it down, but I spent .07 out of my own pocket! See receipt below if you'd like...should be able to click to enlarge.. 

3/21 - Walgreens

Spent .46 on this stuff :o)  I am fairly sure I got a RR back for the toothpaste...I think $3, but it might have been $2.

3/21 - Target

Good deals.  That is all ;o)  lol, the razors were all free, the Reese's were free with the purchase of the Coke, the Uncrustables were .04...the Dove...I don't know, lol, but I used a Target coupon and a mfr coupon.  The Barbies were on clearance, $4.xx each for two Barbies in each box!  Niiiice to tuck away for Christmas. 

4/02 - Franklin Goose

These were FREE!  $63.xx originally, and I was able to use my credits for doing reviews on products I've used.  I mentioned this promotion in an earlier post.  Amazing deal!  I still have a few things waiting to be shipped as well, these just arrived on their own. 

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  1. Yay, I can post COMMENTS!!! Only thru IE of course. Anyways, those baskets are SUPER cute!!! Love them!