October 23, 2010

Rite Aid.

Paid $32.42 out of pocket.  I KNOW.  Crazy.  For me at least.  But I am trying to get more into the Rite Aid rebates, so I figured I'd use my survey/rebate money account and purchase the free after rebate stuffs, and then when the rebate checks come I'll just replenish it.  And considering the money in that account pretty much comes from surveys and rebates, still free in a way. 

So yeah, paid $32.42 out of pocket, but I got back a $2 UP reward, and I will be getting a $37.42 in rebate checks.  I could have done better, I didn't print/bother to bring a few coupons I could have used, but oh well.  Still made a profit of $7!  :o) 

I am up to almost $100 in rebates this month and the month isn't even over yet.  Yeah!  :o)

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  1. :)
    Rite Aid does taking getting 'used' too, since the oop expense is higher. I do the same as you, I have a separate acct for my survey, rebate money. I purchased $11.14 worth of stuff at rite aid yesterday but I will get back around $29! Nice moneymaker!