January 1, 2011

 Rite Aid.

I did this in two transactions.  Ended up spending a little more than I wanted to, but for what I got I'm okay with that.  I spent .63 in my first transaction, and $2.35 in my second... 23 products for a grand total of $2.98 out of pocket.

I went in with $20 in UP rewards that were expiring that day.  I spent them all, but I walked out with $21 in UPs to roll again after all was said and done.  :o)  The school supplies had tags that said $2 UP with purchase.  They did not print correctly according to the signage, but the manager both took the $2 off that should have printed from my first transaction off of the total on my second transaction, and then wrote me a raincheck with the amount of UPs I was owed after my second transaction. 

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