January 5, 2011

Rite Aid.

My total before coupons was $99.xx!!  After coupons and UP rewards, just .52!  That's much more like it.

2 Milky Way bars - .50/each.  Used .50/2 coupon.
2 Wet Ones - $1.99/each.  Used two $1 coupons.
3 boxes Planters NUTrition bars - $2.50/each.  Used three $1 coupon.  (one box is not pictured, I gave it to my mom before I got home to take the picture).
4 boxes Special K cereal - $4.79 each.  Used two Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons, and one $1/2 coupon.
8 AquaFresh toothpastes - $2.50 each.  Used eight $1 coupons.
1 Excedrin - $4.99.  Used free item coupon.
1 Gas-X Prevention - $4.99.  Used $4 coupon.
4 Airwick Freshmatics - $12.99 each (but they were Buy 1 Get 1 Free, so $12.99/2).  Used four $4 coupon.
2 Airwick Freshmatic Minis - $9.99 each (and same, they were B1G1, so $9.99/2).

Used $4/20 coupon.  Used $1 Wellness Video Values coupon.  I also used my $20 Gift of Savings bonus...and then used $17 in UP rewards.

I got back $63 in UP rewards...plus I will get a $2 rebate back for the Gas-X.  Seriously!  SIXTY-THREE DOLLARS in UPs!  Plus a $2 rebate!  I am so in love with Rite Aid.  :o)

My UP rewards were taller than my four year old!! :o)

A breakdown of what I got for what according to my UPs:

(2) $1 for Wet Ones.
(3) $3 for Freshmatic.
(7) $1 for Food Snacks.
(1) $5 for Special K.
(1) $20 Resolution Reward.
(1) $10 for GE Bulbs (I'm guessing this was for the Airwick, actually)
(1) $10 for Aquafresh.


  1. :::speechless::: that is SO amazing!! wow! really...im speechless!!!
    I need to hit riteaid again this week for the special k cereal....hopefully i'll get there wednesday.

  2. I just went again today but I'll head back again later this week too...I want to get the Fiber Plus cereal (check hip2save), and see if there is anymore of the Oberto with peelies. Might as well pick up some more Hormel Compleats while I'm there too, haha.

  3. did the hormel extra ups still work? i thought they stopped. im hoping when i go saturday there will be some special k left!