May 1, 2011

Too. Many. Pictures. :o)

All free with Amazon from surveys

(and probably some from Swagbucks!)
Search & Win

This was forever ago..but I think I paid less than $1 for all of this and probably earned more than I spent back or I wouldn't have bought so much junk,  haha.

A fun craft I made for the girls room.  :o)

So, I spent .66 there and noticed some things rang up wrong.  Went back in (to Rite Aid) and got a $13.66 gift card for the difference.  Woot!

A free jug of laundry detergent for being a Purex Insider!

I  can't rememeber what I spent here...  I know the EOS lip stuff was free, as were the candy bars/M&Ms, jellybeans, and the toothpaste. 

Free after UPs!

$5.03 on a gift card!

Box of Spring Cleaning supplies from Bzz Agent and SC Johnson!

I won these Glow Naturals products from another blog giveaway, I *love* them. 

Spent .26, got $4!

.50 on a gift card!  Plus I got back $7.99 in a rebate!

Target freebie!!

PHEW, there I'm all caught up on here (at least with the pictures I took, haha). 

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  1. umm, im jealous ;)
    excellent deals & freebies!